Hungrybox Doesn’t Understand Why Mang0 Hasn’t Responded to His Linkedin Request

In an exclusive interview with The Turnip, Hungrybox, the top ranked melee player in the world, revealed that he added Mango on Linkedin “Like two years ago” but he’s yet to hear back.

“I just don’t get it” Hungrybox told the the Turnip, “I’d be a fantastic professional contact for him to have. We’re both leaders in the same industry, and frankly we should be interfacing far more often.”

When asked if it was possible that Mango was simply not active on the social network, Hungrybox told us that he had seen Mango’s connections increasing. “He’s clearly networking with other people on the website, so why wont he add me back?”

“I just don’t get it.” Hungrybox continued. “I’m sure that if I endorsed some of his skills it would mean a lot to any future employers or sponsors, after all, I am the best.”

We reached out to Mango for comment, who responded  “ROFL.”

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