High Level Player Hugs86 Makes Summit 3 Bracket Predictions, All Results Based On Seeding

High level Samus main Hugs86 made predictions for Summit 3’s bracket tomorrow and the results may have been surprising to many.

Hugs gives interesting insight into his bracket predictions by picking every single player based on their seeding. “I just feel as if the best player will win,” he states. “I realize this may be controversial to some.” Surprisingly, Hugs has Leffen over Mew2King despite Leffen being 6-0’d by Mew2king over 365 days ago.

Hugs86 has some other shocking and controversial predictions such as Mango beating Shroomed, Armada beating Plup, and Hungrybox beating Duck. This leaves us with only the top 4 seeded players in top 4 of Winner’s bracket.

Only time will tell if Hugs’ left-field statements will hold true.

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