Local Fox Main Sits Atop Revival Platform for the Full 5 Seconds

In an attempt to build some sort of competitive climax, Fox main Kristian “Activ3” Jarguz took the full five seconds to get off from the revival platform on the last stock of his bracket match against Peter “TripToParis” Wienecke.

During the five seconds, Jarguz closed his eyes and pretended to think deeply about his next stock, exhaled heavily to metaphorically “shake off the nerves” and nodded his head as he finally fell from the revival platform onto Final Destination.

“I was really trying sell that I was gonna mess up Trip’s Peach once I got down — that I was ready and that it was time to stop messing around and start trying. After all, I was down 3-stocks-to-1,” Activ3 said.

After landing on the ground of Final Destination, Activ3’s Fox was promptly grabbed within 3 seconds and consequently chaingrab-0-to-death’d by his princess foe. TripToParis took a clean 2-0 over Jarguz, and only lost a stock in the final game because of an SD.

“[Activ3]? The Fox main that I played 1st round of losers? That guy had no idea what he was doing… We struck to Final Destination the first game, then he chose Final Destination the 2nd game… in a Fox versus Peach matchup…”

Unfortunately for him, Jarguz made his tournament exit in that match, going 0-2 at SUNY Oswego’s 4th ever local.


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