Fox Main still deciding his playstyle based on costume color

Fox main Tyler “TY4TW” Yip went through a mid-melee-career-crisis this past week, struggling to choose a costume color and determine his playstyle. Much like the color of a lightsaber in “Star Wars,” the costume color a player chooses for his main dictates much of that player’s  aggressiveness, technical ability, community popularity, and “cool” factor.

Originally starting as a rambunctious, creative, and freestyle Orange Fox, Yip was conflicted when he found himself being overly aggressive and lacking in technical ability in comparison to his peers. His resolve was to change colors so that his playstyle could adapt to something that suited him better.

“I just feel like I’m hitting a peak using Orange Fox, and the only way I can switch-up my playstyle is to change colors. I’ve been thinking about Green or Blue Fox, because they match my personality… I would never change to Vanilla Fox though, I’m not that serious about Melee,” said Yip.

Blue Fox has notoriously been viewed as the most technical colored fox, being that Hax$ and Westballz both use it to perform the most intense tech tricks. Green, however, is commonly viewed as more of a social statement than anything.

Green Foxes typically represent being low-key — 4-stocking an opponent often leads to no reaction from the Green Fox — it’s nothing out of the ordinary for him. Additionally, Green Foxes tend to be lone wolfs, and choose the color specifically to show their individuality and independence from others. Or maybe they’re just from Washington.

“At this point… I’m probably leaning towards Blue Fox… I like Green Fox, but that’s not the vibe I’m trying to give off in tournament, you know? … [not only] that, but those red boots just don’t match the green jacket, so I feel like I’ll be sick of seeing Christmas colors when it’s the middle of July and I’m trying to enjoy some Melee.”

Vanilla Fox, as mentioned by TY4TW, is completely out of the question. Vanilla Foxes are mechanical — clockworks, even. They do not care about you, your life, or your hard work. They care only about efficiency and erasing your stocks as quickly as possible. Where Orange Foxes have boiling blood, Vanilla Foxes are ice cold.

Stay with the Turnip — we’re hoping to break down MagicScumpy’s new video where he gives Fox 60 lasers, 8 legs, inverts his entire moveset, and transforms him into Meta Knight.


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