Duck Hunt Euthanized After Biting Child

Kyoto, Japan – Nintendo has announced today that the character Duck Hunt from the popular Super Smash Brothers series, has been put to sleep after she bit a child.

Dunk Hunt, who first appeared in Smash 4, and returned in Smash Ultimate, was a fan favorite, known for her campy play style, and being cute as heck. She was taken to the Kyoto Chuo Animal Hospital for the procedure, and was pronounced dead at 4:59am.

“When you have a dog in a fighting game, it’s difficult to strike a balance of what’s considered acceptable behavior.” The Nintendo spokesperson told a crowd of reporters. “On the one hand, you want the dog to be able to toss explosives, summon heavily armed cowboys, or use a bird as a spear. But once that dog bites a child, we know that things have gone too far, and the animal must be destroyed .

The child was rushed to a local hospital, and is in stable condition. Nintendo has asked that the name of the child be withheld for privacy reasons, but it’s Lucas.

While there has been much speculation about who will be filling the open space in roster, Nintendo insiders have told The Turnip that Nintendo is leaning towards a new character – Just the Duck.

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