Doing Sudoku Puzzles and Other Simple Ways to Improve Neutral Game

Here at the Turnip, we care a lot about your success inside and outside of the game. To help  you with the most difficult parts of your gameplay, we are bringing you a special article to help boost the quality of your neutral game and, as a result, your overall quality of life.


1 – Do sudoku puzzles in your free time

One of the easiest ways to improve neutral game without doing additional labbing is to take time out of your day to do more sudoku puzzles. Reports show the typical human does on average 30-75 sudoku puzzles per day, but could easily fit in an extra 10 puzzles with the amount of wasted free time they have. Each sudoku puzzle will give you an extra .013 IQ points, which will quickly add up over time. Players can fit in 3-4 puzzles into their lunch breaks, and this number grows exponentially as your IQ grows.


2 – Mention PPMD in more Reddit posts

Experts theorize the average smashbros Reddit user inserts the name “PPMD” 2-3 times per post, but they could be doing more. Evidence shows those who use the name “PPMD” more regularly have an overall better neutral game, stronger mentality, and lower cholesterol. Additionally, users who are confident PPMD will come back to melee tend to have more synapses in their brains and more active neural firings. Those who doubt PPMD’s return are prone to debilitating diseases that may affect someone’s neutral game, such as smallpox or cholera.


3 – Clap to the tune of Dreamland

A common misunderstanding is that tournament attendees who clap along with the tune of Dreamland are irritating or have no rhythm. However, it is proven that the average Dreamland clapper graduated from Julliard and has a deep and intimate understanding of musical forms. Top level Melee players often state that players have a “rhythm” and this rhythm cues them in on the way players move and react, and when they will approach. The Dreamland clappers are able to synchronize their internal rhythm with the beat of the music and in turn hear the harmonies coming from their opponents, and predict the exact moment they will approach.


4 – Gain more IQ points

The simplest and most direct way of improving your neutral game is to improve your IQ. IQ, or Intelligence Quotient, is a way to measure a person’s ability to think, react, and obtain upvotes and retweets for saying objectively correct information. Experts estimate that roughly 89.4 million Americans underestimate the power of IQ and do not realize the benefit of obtaining more points. The higher your intelligence quotient, the more you will know about melee and be able to outsmart your opponent on the field.

We hope these simple tips will help you boost your gameplay to new heights and win your first or second tournament set at your locals. If this article has helped you or any of your loved ones, please send us a message at our contact page and tell us your story. We would love to hear from you. Also, follow us on twitter.

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