Last of the Daisy-Colored Peach Costumes Declared Extinct

JUNE 29 — The orange alternate costume for Peach has been declared extinct today by Melee It On Me specialists. The former costume color had been placed on the endangered costume list in October 2002, just a year after Super Smash Brother’s Melee’s official release — making it endangered for nearly 16 years.

Although it was the first extinction of an entire costume color, the community hasn’t lamented the daisy outfit’s absence. Peach mains themselves were some of the most pleased, calling the orange costume dishonorable, offensive, and even blasphemous to the Smash community.

“There’s no way I would Peach ditto someone if they used the Daisy costume. I would get up, walk over to the tournament organizer, and promptly ask them to disqualify you – which has actually happened a few times before,” said James “Mafia” Lauerman.

The origin of the contempt with the orange costume is a closely-guarded Peach main secret. Reddit speculators suggest that using the costume is akin to having a black cat cross your path or breaking a mirror; others claim the costume was only put in because Sakurai was possessed by the devil for a brief 2 minutes during development.

In related news, Peach mains have led an international movement to boycott the Smash series’ latest installment, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, for its inclusion of Daisy as a character. Follow the Turnip to keep updated as this story develops.


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