Armada to Begin Experimenting With Tournament Placings

Professional Melee player Adam “Armada” Lindgren announced earlier today that he will be experimenting with his placements at future tournaments in 2017. The Swedish all-star Peach main has maintained the number one spot on Melee It On Me’s yearly SSBMRank for the past two years, and is the most likely player to uphold the position for 2017.

“Two years at the number one rank is very good, but, it does get a bit boring to win whenever I want,” Lindgren said. “I want to know what it’s like to get 7th-8th, or 9-12th. It would be a good experience for me to understand how other top players feel.”

Armada has stated that he plans to make small, calculated mistakes in the later stages of tournaments. This will allow opportunities for losses in sets before winner’s finals matches.

“I don’t want to make it like, a free win, but I will put in some intentional mistakes so that other players at least have a chance to beat me,” Armada said.

The last time Armada placed lower than 3rd at a tournament was in May last year at Get On My Level 2016, where he placed 5th-6th. By getting a better understanding of how other top players feel with certain placements, Armada hopes to increase his awareness of the variety of emotions felt by other Melee professionals.

At press time, Armada explained that his experiment wouldn’t jeopardize his SSBMRank for 2017, stating that he can win a tournament if he feels his number one rank is threatened.


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