The “5th at Genesis” joke has been solved

One of Melee’s longest-standing jokes might be meeting its dire end. A source claims that the truth behind Bobby “Scar” Scarnewman’s “5th at Genesis” joke wasn’t supposed to be a joke at all —  that Scar was not literate until age 24 and thus couldn’t read the results.

The “5th at Genesis” joke refers to a claim made by Scar that he placed 5th at the 2009 GENESIS Smash major. In reality, records show that Scar placed 6th at the tournament after losing a 5th-6th place tiebreaker to Jason “Mew2King” Zimmerman.

Our source, who chose to remain anonymous, said the following:

“I was hanging out at Scar’s house in… 2011 [2 years after GENESIS]. I heard his mom say something while on the phone about how she was ‘so proud that Bobby could read now.’ I was confused, and I think she probably knew I’d heard, so she immediately changed the subject. I just made the connection recently.”

The source also claimed that Scar wasn’t told his placement verbally, and so when he went to read the results himself he misunderstood them, and somehow came to believe that he’d placed 5th. An interesting note is that Scar was 22 years old at the time of GENESIS.

Finally, the source gave another credible piece of evidence to build his case: Scar’s Smashboards posts.

Allegedly, “The People’s Champ” never wrote his Smashboards posts. He instead told one of his parents what to write verbally, and they would be in charge of typing and posting the board message to Smashboards. Consider this example:

Outlined in red boxes are large words and expressions that our source claimed Scar regularly used verbally, but was unable to spell when writing. The source showed us this example post to demonstrate the types of posts made by Scar when his parents typed out the message.

Compare that to one which Scar wrote:

The juxtaposition is self-evident. Scar was an articulate 22-year-old in 2009, but he was not able to read or write.

Stay up-to-date with The Turnip, future analysis will involve Scar’s “Did he just walk up slowly and downsmash” line from The Big House 4.


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